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"The INVISIBLE Sisters’ guild (over 150 strong now!) is available for collaboration and co-branding. We invite professional designers, theater artists, and fashion houses to collaborate with INVISIBLE by commissioning pieces made by hand from their left-over production scraps or from local waste in Manila."
- Ann Wizer
Come Partner with Us

The Manila-based INVISIBLE has followed in the footsteps of the 8-year, Jakarta-based XSProject.

   We've learned that we can make a difference!

   We can reduce trash and create income for poor people.

Now is the time to scale up, to tap real markets, and generate income in a sustainable fashion for our women.

The XSProject and INVISIBLE projects have taught us that to be effective it is important to have professional administration and marketing. People who are real managers and have commercial skills are crucial to have. We want to involve more designers, to make sure we have new products appealing to export markets. We intend to establish a profit-oriented business (POB) to handle marketing, overall management, and high-level design.

Other INVISIBLE activities should not be part of a profit-oriented firm. Women need to be trained and community groups organized. These should be supported by a non-profit, community service organization (CSO). The CSO will also help fund small social welfare activities such as providing eye examinations and eyeglasses. Well-qualified people who can fund raise in a professional manner are needed to staff the CSO.

The proper organizational structures will ensure that each entity can perform effectively and be mutually supported in a professional manner.

Partner with us.

   We are looking for SPONSORS who can help provide crochet hooks and raw materials (plastic bags, used computer parts, etc.) for our INVISIBLE sisters/artists.

   We are looking for active INVESTORS to help establish and run the profit-oriented business.

   We are looking for NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATIONS to support a CSO and the related activities.

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