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"The INVISIBLE Sisters’ guild (over 150 strong now!) is available for collaboration and co-branding. We invite professional designers, theater artists, and fashion houses to collaborate with INVISIBLE by commissioning pieces made by hand from their left-over production scraps or from local waste in Manila."
- Ann Wizer
The INVISIBLE Sisters are a growing guild, a factory without walls of women who are learning to manage their lives better.

INVISIBLE retrieves the creative, intangible culture of hand arts – crochet and knitting. The INVISIBLE Sisters are urban poor mothers and grandmothers who receive weekly skills training workshops. The gatherings help them develop their craft, provide them with a much needed source of income, and gives self confidence and a sense of self worth.

Workshop Workshop

Using only a crochet hook that costs US$0.60 the women spin computers wires, used dry cleaner and plastic bags, hard drives, mother boards, cassette and video tapes, and a random variety of unseen factory waste into new creations. It’s simple problem solving: CONNECTING THE DOTS requiring skills and imagination resulting in new possibilities to create something from “nothing.”


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