Vision. Mission.
INVISIBLE follows and shares the same vision as XSProject, a Jakarta-based non-profit design initiative established by Ann Wizer in 2002. XSProject is a registered non-government organization, Yayasan XSProject Reguna Kreasi.
Using DESIGN and EDUCATION to Protect the ENVIRONMENT and Reduce POVERTY
The Goals of INVISIBLE

1. Reduce Waste
To remove and reuse as much waste as possible from our surroundings and keep it from landfills or being burned. Our products call attention to wasteful cradle to grave design and manufacturing processes that have led to environmental disasters.

2. Reduce Poverty
By increasing the skill base of women, particularly busy mothers, to work independently and selling in local and export markets, the income of our participants can be raised considerably in a sustainable way.

3. Education
Ongoing workshops teach skills. As they continue to learn, the women routinely work at home without disrupting family and home obligations. Since we use only waste materials, any involvement with INVISIBLE raises environmental awareness. Our women now see useless litter as valuable materials. Further, the bags themselves raise environmental awareness.

4. Good Design
We create high quality products that rival new consumer products. To compete in a marketplace flooded with consumer goods we require the highest standards, superb workmanship and innovation.

We have real impact:

Financial Independence
Start to finish, our products are made by individuals, not in factories, enabling them to manage their time, income and output. We provide income opportunities even for older women in their 70s: How many jobs does the market-economy provide for seniors?

Reviving Traditional Crafts
We applaud and sustain traditional culture, age-old handwork and fine craftsmanship.

Simply – we clean up, create no pollution and cause no damage. We use nothing but human energy and garbage to meet the objectives of poverty reduction and environmental protection.

Human Dignity
The self-esteem of our colleagues grows three-fold as they discover their talents, are recognized for their unique works, and increase their earning capacity.

Vision Vision

INVISIBLE doesn’t bring people to work, we bring jobs to people who cannot work. We work around the edges, outside of traditional factories, and labor markets giving real skills to otherwise unemployable women, enabling them to manage their time and life needs.

Vision Vision

INVISIBLE uses only waste as raw material, exploring the inherent qualities, and transforming it. Plastic bags, metal guts and wires from computers, old cassette tapes all find their way into INVISIBLE for a next life.

INVISIBLE helps people create and dream because they are all artists.


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