Invisible Sisters Groups
Tamarind Squad
Barangay 157
Barangay 186
Barangay 201
Creek Club
Barangay 186
(Sessions every Tuesday from 1-5 PM)

Wanting to expand the project, I asked the local social welfare foundation to organize another group of willing participants. Starting out with 60 participants, the core group of active producers include 40-50 women.

Here are three very talented sisters, all single moms living together with their mother and their 13 children. Aside from making bags for INVISIBLE, they have no other regular income. To date they have made 90-100 bags.

Invisible Sisters
A regular Tuesday session.

Invisible Sisters Invisible Sisters
Left photo, very productive Andrea; right photo, our next candidate for new glasses.

Invisible Sisters
Ann with work in progress.

*Barangay means "village" in Filipino. All locations of these listed barangays are in Metro Manila.

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