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Barangay 157
(Sessions every Saturday 1-5 PM)

The pilot project began here, in a small, hot room of a day care center run by a social welfare foundation, in a very poor area of Manila. We’d go there every Saturday from 1-5 PM, hoping that some women would show up.

Invisible Sisters
‘round the clock bingo game.

Invisible Sisters
Paz and Rowena.

Invisible Sisters

Glo was assigned to head the group, but her distrustful husband would not let her participate. When we held our workshops, she’d sit at her fried banana stand across the street, not wanting to miss a sale.

Celia’s true talent is making fabulous costumes!

Invisible Sisters Invisible Sisters
Left photo, Celia’s first costume; right photo, Celia working on a new costume.

Invisible Sisters Invisible Sisters
Left photo, Nelia; right photo, Nelia always brings her grandson along..

73-year-old fabulous PAZ made our first bag at Barangay 157. When asked why she’d joined our workshop she said that she was hoping to find a sponsor for her 13 year old son David because she “is old already”. Childless, at 60, she and her husband were literally handed a baby. With no dependable means of support, they have for many years depended on handouts from family members

Invisible Sisters

*Barangay means "village" in Filipino. All locations of these listed barangays are in Metro Manila.

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